Varsity Jackets – Your Ultimate All-occasion outerwear

Looking to jazz up your style with some trendy varsity jackets? We know you are!

The Lettermen Jackets or Varsity Jackets (as millennials call them) were first invented in the 1930s when athletes needed heavier jackets to fight the colder days between games and training.

Zoom in on the History of Letterman Jackets

Where did Varsity jackets come from? Think for a second!

Let’s rewind a couple decades and see from where this originated.

Varsity Jackets are among the few pieces of apparel that evoke the stereotypical picture of an American.

A varsity jacket first appeared as a uniform worn by Harvard University players in the late 1800s and has evolved into one of the most famous pieces of clothing.

But at its heart, Varsity Jackets are a vital component of the school and college athletics cultures.

Due to the interest it sparked across professional sports franchises, the varsity jacket’s popularity took off in the 1980s.

This jacket became a staple of late 1980s and early 1990s streetwear and fashion. It was only a short time before their popularity reached streetwear and was worn in smart ways.

Varsity Jackets: Fashionable and Instagram Worthy

Want a cool picture for your Instagram?

Go for varsity jackets… A perfect outerwear that uplifts your charm!

In today’s fashion world, Varsity jackets are highly coveted. They are excellent pieces to dress up or down and comfortable enough for extended periods.

The most in-demand items are vintage Varsity jackets.

Jaw-Dropping Price: You Just Can’t Resist

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TIG’s Top-Notch Collection: Your New Style Statement

What is the best thing about TIG’s Varsity Jackets?

They come in a massive variety of styles, sizes, and colors!

At The Icon By Gilani’s, we’ve got a wide range of designs and styles of varsity jackets to pick from. And when it comes to quality, we leave no stone unturned to give you the best.

So, rest assured you will only get the high-quality Letterman jackets at TIG.

Since its inception, The Icon by Gilani’s has always used the highest quality materials to make these jackets. As a result, our letterman jackets are robust while being soft, a quality you won’t find anywhere else.

The range of color options available at TIG perfectly complements your personality. If you’re not a fan of mainstream colors, you can always pick unique shades from our collection to stand out from the rest.

What’s more?

We’ve got all the latest designs ranging from Men’s Chicago Bulls Satin to Roy’s varsity jackets to level up your styling game.

So what’s stopping you from picking your style??

Cop your Varsity jacket from TIG Now!

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